Finding your purpose

Last night kept me up quite a bit. Lately, the question of what I am here on earth to do has been wandering around in the back of my head again. Feeling I am on the right path, but not really getting anywhere. As I cut quite some ties in the last few years and... Continue Reading →

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The lockdown

The last few months the universe has been shouting at me. It is sending messages for me to hear, loud and clear. Just do, think less! Just start! The last few months, several people just gave it to me straight once again. Loud and clear. Stop thinking, do! Of course this is not the first time people have... Continue Reading →

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How sports are teaching me once again: getting stronger #fitgirl

A week ago I was making fun of my fitgirldays, stating they were behind me and I was done with spending my time at a gym. And today I spent my free sunny Sunday morning exactly where I thought I would not spend it, in the gym. Finding a piece of myself back. How did that happen? Funny story. Read it here...

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Being Seen

Those who cannot see your worth, are not worth your time. Those who see you are worth something, Without really seeing your worth, Are not worth your time. Those who see your worth, And look at you with the purity With which you look at them and the world, Those are the ones worth your... Continue Reading →

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Dear Sun(light)

Dear Sun(light), I learned I am okay to walk in the dark for a bit as it protects me from your brightness.. Sometimes I am just not ready or able to take it all in and bear it yet. Have patience with me. It will come. Until then, I will come out of the shades... Continue Reading →

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Demain dès l’aube…

Fourteen years ago, when I was a teenager in high school, studying came easy to me. And by that time I had learned that when I repeated what the teacher would teach me, I would pass. Looking back on it, the thrill for me was more in doing this as good as possible than that... Continue Reading →

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Change takes time…

Today inspiration hit, just as I was on my usual run.. Read here how just a run made me realize some things do not change so quickly...

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What is happiness?

Last week I followed a course called Tools for Happiness and it got me wondering what I was striving for.. Read here what I concluded!

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Puur, eenvoud en met liefde gevuld.

Puur, eenvoud en met liefde gevuld.

Op 7 september was het zover, Jeffrey en Dionne stapten in hun huwelijksbootje! Een mooie persoonlijke bruiloft! Puur, eenvoudig en vol met liefde gevuld. Lees hier hoe ik de bruiloft beleefd heb!

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When love takes over

When loves takes over The exact same world Is not the exact same world anymore When love takes over Anxiety turns into peace Have to turns into want to Quietness turns into calmness When love takes over Darkness turns into light A hold turns into a hug Insults turn into compliments When love takes over... Continue Reading →

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