Never thought I’d ever…

A few years ago I would never have thought I would ever do a (juice) cleansing day. At least not for the reasons I would do it for now. Sure, after drinking too much alcohol, when I was sick or for medical reasons, I would cut down most foods and cafeïne for a day but that was more out of necessity than anything else.. I always thought it was also important to keep all my nutritients up, but things change. People change.

It had been lingering in the back of my mind for months and my body had been screaming for it for months too. However, I always found a reason not to do it. ‘I don’t have a juicer, I don’t know what juices to make, I want it to be nutritious enough, I need food, etc. etc.’. This last one is specifically an interesting one, I need food. Do I, really? The thing is, if its only veggies and fruit, you cannot really go wrong for a day (I am not saying do this your whole life and expect to have a good well-balanced intake). Yet, I kept being hesitant.

Writing this I realize this is actually the world upside down. Why am I hesitant to do a juicing day full of veggies and fruits, while I never used to think twice about having an unhealthy day full of alcohol, pizza, fries, cake, etc.? Why are we hesitant to take care of our bodies but not so hesitant to destroy it?

For me this hesitation disappeared instantaneously this week. I noticed my body was having a really rough time. And I kept pushing it forward. I was having digestion problems, my eczema returned out of the blue, my knee is locking and unlocking constantly, and my neck started to give me signals as well. It was time to start doing things differently. Besides, my cafeïne intake (without drinking coffee) was also through the roof again (in my perspective). So I was feeling worse and worse. And yesterday as I woke up I decided this is it! Now I am going to do it. Without allowing myself time to change my mind or make any excuses again I found a one-day juice program online. I called them right away whether it was possible to pick one up today and hopped on my e-bike to get it. No more lame excuses to not face this demon.

The thing is, I realized my hesitation was not about not wanting to take care of my body. My ego was hesitating because cleansing (and always eating healthy) sounds fun, but it really is not. Yes, the idea is that you get more energy, get more clearity, boost your immune system, detox and develop a better digestive system. But this comes at a price. The counterpart is that physical and mental discomforts come up. As I am experiencing right now, headaches, tiredness and hunger might arise. And then I am just talking physically. Emotionally, all those things that you have been putting away, by eating garbage or drinking too much cafeïne or just by keep going and doing, they all pointed to something you were running from. Taking that away and cleansing that out, leaves us with the initial problem, the root cause. And that is, most of the time, not so fun to face. However, as you break through and let it happen, it will all get better again.

Will it all be happy ever after from here and will I never eat ‘unhealthy’ things again? Definitely not! I realize that. One (or more) juicing day(s) is not a permanent solution. But I do believe it is a good reset button once in a while. Allowing my body to catch a break from this busy life it constantly has to process…

After rain comes sunshine, and after sunshine the rain will come again. That is just the way life works here. That is what we need to learn, that is the way we learn.. That is the way we keep having breakthroughs and keep moving forward.. Don’t resist the rain, embrace it. Make sure to dance in the rain instead of trying to protect yourself from the rain constantly (with raincoats and umbrellas) for it is the rain that will make you grow again. The sooner you accept it and let it in, the quicker and the brighter your (inner) light will shine…

For now, I am going to sit still and see. Accept whatever comes up and feel it..

Happy (juicy) sunday!

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