Autumn is here…

Finally, it is here,
The best time of the year.

The time of that first breath of fresh air,
While the sun is still fully there.

Shining bright,
On whatever needs attention and light. 

At the same time the world is protected by (a thin) layer of clouds, 
To allow us to retreat and research all of our self-inflicted doubts.

Looking beyond those clouds you will find the beauty you seek, 
since nature is actually still at its peak.

You can enjoy this beauty and nature at its best,
Because you don’t have to worry about the rest.

The wind will take all your worries and clear your mind, 
All you have to do is sit back, relax and unwind. 

The doubts will disappear and you can really start letting go,
Of all the things holding you back from the ability to grow.

Dream about what you want the world to show, 
Then give it all back to the universe and let the good things flow. 

Because remember, it all will be fine,
As long as you are patient and wait for the right sign…

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