Finding your purpose

Last night kept me up quite a bit. Lately, the question of what I am here on earth to do has been wandering around in the back of my head again. Feeling I am on the right path, but not really getting anywhere. As I cut quite some ties in the last few years and... Continue Reading →

The lockdown

The last few months the universe has been shouting at me. It is sending messages for me to hear, loud and clear. Just do, think less! Just start! The last few months, several people just gave it to me straight once again. Loud and clear. Stop thinking, do! Of course this is not the first time people have... Continue Reading →

Puur, eenvoud en met liefde gevuld.

Puur, eenvoud en met liefde gevuld.

Op 7 september was het zover, Jeffrey en Dionne stapten in hun huwelijksbootje! Een mooie persoonlijke bruiloft! Puur, eenvoudig en vol met liefde gevuld. Lees hier hoe ik de bruiloft beleefd heb!

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