The part-time pilgrim

As my life in the Netherlands started to unfold again, this feeling kept creeping up on me that I am just not ready to give up my nomadic pilgrim life, and just recently I figured I actually do not have to. I do not have to choose between so called building a foundation and adventure and reflecting on life. I can actually do both. That is why I am becoming a part-time pilgrim. Next to my day-to-day life I am and will be walking the pilgrim path. For now, the goal is getting to Belgium. Ultimately, I would love to reach Santiago de Compostella (I was told to dream big). However, it is all about the journey and life can definitely surprise you so we will see where I will end up.

You want to know how this came to be about? Curious how this crazy idea started? That is wonderful, because just like my travel journeys I feel very much inspired and urged to write about my experiences, share them and inspire you!

How it works? I follow my gut feeling. Sometimes I will post a blog, sometimes I will post a mini story that has popped into my head during these walks, sometimes I will post about the people I met and that inspired me. Other times I will just share a picture with my reflection on instagram, or, and here it asks some creativity of you, I will ask you to interpret the picture with me. The thing is I have created a little fetish for clouds. It has become the most fun to me to photograph them and use my creativity to recognize all sort of shapes. Sharing this and seeing other people’s interpretations makes it even more fun. So I would love for you to join me on that journey.

How? The blogs and mini stories will be posted here and for the shorter inspiration and creativity bursts you can follow me on instagram @pilgrimlife_byyvette or personally on @byyvette.

I hope you will all tag along on this journey, because I am super excited!!

The first blog is one that I had, when writing, no idea of that it would be the first of this particular journey. However, it is.. In the upcoming ones, you will learn why.

Current status: Hopeful.. 😉

  • On the ‘pilgrim path part 2 in the Netherlands:  Den Bosch – Visé’


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