Naturally, one thing cannot be missing on this website: my own traveling stories. Many people have asked: ‘Can I follow you while you are gone? I am so curious!’ Of course you can! If there is one thing I like, it is telling stories. And doing that in my own peculiar way. On this page you can find all my traveling stories. Starting with the outer travel journey I started in november 2018 and followed by the inner journey as I went to Kopan monastery in Kathmandu (Nepal) and as I came back to the Netherlands.

The stories

Slowly Slowly, you will get there…

Here it is, my first travel story… Click here to see my first story after two months of traveling…

That moment when you realize where you truly are..

A quick to follow second story… Don’t expect all the stories to follow so quickly, but once inpiration hits, you should use it. Click here to see the next story!

What is happiness?

Last week I followed a buddhist course called ‘Tools for happiness’, which got me wondering what is this happiness I am striving for? Click here to read my story.

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